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Bartender Mix Genius (not available)

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Developer: yaksherin

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Can you impress the Bartender Mix Genius? Mix up an alcoholic beverage and the bartender will rate it, the better you do... the more kinds of alcohol becomes available!

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Bartender Mix Genius

Welcome to out pre-part cocktail mixing game for cocktail connoisseurs! Pour, shake and serve! Our barman Miguel is in your hands, but watch out, he's a bit partial to a cocktail himself!

Make a choice out of 20 drinks and mix them. Serve the drink to Miguel the bartender and find out what he thinks about it.


Pour different wine, add ice cubes and lemons, then shake it. At last press serve, Miguel will give you a point.

At first most of the win was locked(gray color), when you use the availble wine to achive a high point, some of the wine will be unlocked. The higher score you got, more wines you can use to achive a higher score.

Your score will presented all over the world via openfient, try hard to be the number 1 mixer.

Tags: free game, bartender, wine mixer, cocktail, casual game, openfient

Size: 1.9M; Requires Android : 4 and up. pname=com.yaksherin.bartendermixgenius .apk

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